Drone Podcast

Commercial Drones FM is a podcast about drones and the projected $20+ billion industry that they are the centerpiece of. It is a company created by Ian Smith, the CEO and host of the podcast. The typical format for Commercial Drones FM episodes are intimate, raw, one-on-one interviews with industry thought leaders, doers, and entrepreneurs. The average episode length is approximately 30 minutes. Guests on Commercial Drones FM have come from Forbes, The Verge, DJI, AT&T, NOAA, Recode, The U.S. Department of the Interior, DroneDeploy, PrecisionHawk, 3D Robotics, and more.

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Commercial Drones FM was officially launched on July 4, 2016. All thoughts, opinions, and ramblings are not affiliated with, nor influenced by, any other individual or organization outside of Ian Smith and Commercial Drones FM, LLC.