#045 – 3D Robotics with Daniel McKinnon

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In April 2017, 3D Robotics raised a $53 million Series D round, bringing total funding for the drone company to over $178 million. Daniel McKinnon is VP of Product at 3D Robotics and holds a PhD in chemical engineering. He started at 3DR as a Product Manager and worked his way up the ladder. Dan is also an advisor at Agribotix, an analytics platform for farmers that he co-founded.

In this episode of Commercial Drones FM, Dan and Ian discuss the aftermath of 3DR’s Solo drone—the catalyst of the company’s recent pivot from hardware to software—and get an inside look at why the company is now focusing on enterprise drone software for the construction industry with their newest product, Site Scan.

You can follow Daniel McKinnon on Twitter at @danielmckinn0n. Click here to visit his blog.

Follow 3D Robotics on Twitter at @3DRobotics.

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