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Hey everyone, Ian here. You may have noticed a bit of a delay since the last episode—about 5 weeks, to be exact. A quick apology from me for this short hiatus but we’ll be back to our every 2-to-3 week release schedule… now, starting with this episode.

Before we begin, let me give you a quick preview of upcoming episodes on Commercial Drones FM.

I’ll be bringing you a very unique, in-the-field, documentary-style episode that I recorded with LAFD on LAX airport, in partnership with FLIR. It’s a really cool look inside what one of the world’s largest fire departments is doing to push the usage forward for commercial drones in public safety operations.

Other episodes that are coming soon will feature the CEOs of Airmap, PrecisionHawk, and others—you’ll hear from companies developing incredible new technology like high-endurance UAVs, parachutes for drones, indoor inspection drones, and even Airbus will come on to talk about their efforts in the Urban Air Mobility and drone policy space.

There’s much more to come so I’m excited to get back to the regular release schedule. But now, it’s time to talk about today’s episode.

Ian Smith and Joshua Resnick recording a drone podcast at Commercial UAV Expo 2018

You’re about to hear an in-the-field, or rather, “around-the-pool” compilation of quick-take interviews I did with a variety of different people from all types of companies and backgrounds in the drone industry when I was at the Commercial UAV Expo last year in 2018 in Vegas.

I’ve been to every Commercial UAV Expo since they started and it’s hands-down, my favorite drone show purely due to the commercial focus and hands-on knowledge I glean from the great conversations that I always leave with. Full-disclosure that I am on the Advisory Board for the Expo but don’t let that sway you. The board is purely voluntary and I’m not getting paid for this.

The UAV Expo it’s a great place to be in October and perfectly situated and spaced 6-months from AUVSI’s XPONENTIAL so if you wanted, you can hit those two shows every year and then call it a day.

This audio is from the Poolside Happy Hour from Commercial UAV Expo 2018. A big thanks to everyone who chatted with me (sorry if I butchered the spelling of your name! Was hard to transcribe from the audio):

  • Ed Hine – Hazon Solutions/PrecisionHawk
  • Sylvester Greg Krutzinger – Scholar Farms
  • Dani Feller – Scopito
  • Mai Lynn Trong – Reigl
  • David Young – Drone Launch Academy
  • Hannah Marshburn – HyPack
  • Don Burchoff – True Weather Solutions
  • Lisa Ellman – Commercial Drone Alliance and Hogan Lovells
  • Joshua Trujillo – Oakland Police Department
  • Ungid Singh – Pix4D
  • Jared – Texas Drone Company
  • Joshua Resnick – Parallel Flight Technologies
  • Oliver Jesus Garcia
  • Romeo Durscher – DJI
  • Jeremiah Karpowicz – Commercial UAV News

If, after hearing this, you’re excited about the next show, come join me for Commercial UAV Expo 2019 in Las Vegas from October 28th to 30th. Learn more and get tickets at www.expouav.com — there’s even a Commercial UAV Expo discount code for Commercial Drones FM listeners by using code “CDFM”. Get 15% off any full conference pass OR FREE entrance to the Expo Hall floor.

Alright, let’s go back in time to listen in on the conversations and thoughts that were buzzing around the drone industry in October 2018… [listen to the episode now 🙂 on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, or literally anywhere else you get your podcasts.]

Cheers, Ian

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